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More cool maps apps... for North America

Yahoo! is showing off its new Yahoo! Local maps beta. It looks and behaves very much like Google Maps, except it doesn't have the satellite picture. The API is also available so there's going to be a myriad of sites using it. Unfortunately this does only work with USA and Canada addresses or maps. What are companies like Maporama, Mapquest or Multimap that have maps of many more countries doing? Can't they keep up with the interface evolution? If you're looking for something easy to use like Google Maps or Yahoo! Local maps for Europe, try Mappy (using Flash). If you want maps with regions you can also try Microsoft Virtual Earth. Map24 (Java) also has some maps for Europe, North America, Brazil and the Middle East. Can't wait for the day when the whole World will be mapped on those.

The two big companies that provide this kind of street maps are Navteq and Tele Atlas.


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