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Future in Search Technology

I think a few things Google and other big Search Engine companies are starting to do can be very scary (think Big Brother and the likes), but on the other side the potential is amazing. Indexing phone calls, searching for video (AltaVista, Yahoo) or even better with indexing of text content (Google), keeping track of your search history. searching through directories and maps, etc... Imagine when all these will be connected. You'll be able to search and find back what you've said during a call, find the related topics, in all forms of media, as well as how to get to a location mentioned.

A step further would actually to have intelligent assistant who would actually prepare the search for you. So suppose your having a conversation with a friend, he mentions a restaurant somewhere, and at the same time the intelligent assistant program, search for it and has all the relevant information at hand for you to use. Even better in arguments, you'll be able to go back and check what you've said. No more of that "I didn't say that" ;) But mostly, it could search through encyclopedia, webpages, books and other resources, make summaries or pertinent list, and all display it for you to use and abuse.


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