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Biking in Utrecht

I finally bought a bike today after my mom and sis dropped me off under the Hoog Catherijn. I bought a mixed breed bike for around 50 euros. I'm quite happy since it has a working light. I added a back seat (to do grosseries and carry stuff or people). With that I also took a lock. They had locks that were as expensive as the bike. Being cheap as I am, I settle for a second hand chain with a disk lock, for just 15 euros. Everything is legit so I have papers for my bike. I expect no troubles with the cops. I could have bought a similar bike from a junky aroudn the same place a few hours later, but that's illegal and... well... I haven't got my bike stolen yet.

Class really starts tomorrow. Should have a class somewhere around 9am. I should find out before 9am tomorrow.

We haven't got our internet connection up in the residenc yet. A bunch of us are thinking about write a petition for some kind of refund. Many of us aren't able to do research, work or even enterntain ourselves because of it. If we all sign it, they'll have not choice but to hear our plea.


At 19/9/05 4:45 p.m. , Blogger Daelomin said...

A legit Bike? Papers for it?

My my, aren't you in a country of open-people? :P
The real question is this: will you ever need papers for the lock?
On this I shall meditate.

ps: do you know how hard it is to make craigslist appear in the town of your choice?


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