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2005-03-22, public bookmarks, tags and social software

I've finally signed up for (or however is it spelled), after only reading good things about it. It seems these social software sites where you can share whatever you find on the web a getting more hype by the minute. For me it all started with social network sites, like orkut and Friendster. Then, this blogging thing, blogger and the likes. Then I tried more folksonomy sites like 43 things, and Flickr which is all about sharing tagged pictures.

About, all I have to say is that it's a great concept. I see how useful it can be. Having your bookmarks accessible from anywhere (with web access), seeing who else shares those bookmarks or has similar ones, and finally but not least, a good way to organized your bookmarks. The tag paradigm is much better than the tree structure. Instead of having a site somewhere as a leaf in a branch of your bookmarks' tree it's found in many place according to how you tag it. This tag paradigmn is much closer to how one thinks. Hmmm should dig deeper in that thought...

Anyhow... let's get back on topic. is great, but since it's pre-pre-alpha it's lacking on a couple of things. For example it's not handling normaization of Unicode perfectly. Basically it is not normalizing string of characters that should be equivalent to one single form. So if you use a character like LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE in your tag and then type the same tag but with LATIN SMALL LETTER A followed by MODIFIER LETTER ACUTE ACCENT, they will be two different tags. does not normalizes yet as the W3 Character Model suggests.

Rant of the day: I'm sick and spring isn't here yet!


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