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Barranquilla, Bocas de Cenizas

Barranquilla, Bocas de Cenizas 02
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I'm back from Barranquilla, I had a great time. It was hard to leave I must admit, once again I was on denial until the last day about my departure.
If you have a chance to go, do it! It's worth it. Colombia is a beautiful country with very nice people. You can't help but to enjoy it. Even if the country is considered one of the most dangerous in the World with all the guerilla and the kidnappings, most areas are pretty safe as long as you don't act foolishly. I can't wait to go back to see the friends I've made there and to visit even more of that great country. ...Oh, colombian tourist office, you're welcome ;) Thanks Alex, Ángel and their families, the university, Shirly, Maira, Kike, Stephanie, Alan, Bryan, James, Michael, all the Jamaicans, and all the nice colombians I've met :D


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