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23e note 5e phrase

Voici un petit clin d'oeil à Pascal Grousselle. La 4e phrase de ma 23e note (2004-06-11) étant donné que la note ne contenait que 4 phrases :

« I now know I live exactly 3km away from work. »

La note elle-même était pleine de faute, mais relatait d'un site permettant de voir une carte de Montréal avec vue satellite. De nos jours Goggle Maps est bien plus rapide et pratique, même si les photos de Montréal sont meilleurs sur le site du Navigateur urbain.

Je passe la patate à 4 autres comparses, s'ils lisent ceci ;-) :

Daelomin - un bon pote de Montréal perdu à Toulouse

Tash - l'un ne va pas sans l'autre

Pil - un bon pote de MCF et McGill

Themalau - un comparse de ln.wikipedia

et Kipmaster mais il n'a pas encore de blog.

Le jeu consiste à :

1. Allez dans vos archives

2. Retrouvez la 23e note ou celle proche de ce chiffre

3. Retrouvez la 5e phrase.

4. Affichez le texte de la phrase ainsi que les instructions

5. Demandez à 5 personnes d'en faire autant.


More on Free free stuff

It's free and it's legal. Legal Torrents lets you share any media that is legally shareable. From Indie Music, to amateur documentaries. Definitely a place I'll check once so often. Too bad it does not have a feed for the new stuff.

[Update] Foolish I am, here's the Legal Torrents RSS feed, enjoy.

[Update]We need more things like this and Jamendo, and they need to be internationalized (translated in as many languages as possible). We need to have an easy way to access free music, a way to contribute financially to their artwork. We need more internet radios promoting these artist. This has to take over mainstream! I recently heard about a project that would allow people to contritube subtitles to documentaries and films online. Imagine a combination of those tools. An artist or a filmmaker can publish their work with a CC license on the Internet, those websites promote their work and let people share it, and people in return help the media being accessible to more people through sharing and translation.


Music for Free and Free Music

The band Harvey Danger just released its latest album, Little by Little. They are making it available for free, on-line, via the website or via BitTorrent. The album is a bit short but has a couple of good songs on it, like any regular album available in stores. Nothing too fancy, but you could really like the music. I enjoyed track 1 "Wine Women and Song", 4 "Little Round Mirrors" and 9 "War Buddies". Hopefully this advertising method will work.

On another note, I've been looking for free music, like music under a creative commons license. I've found a repository of Free classical music at MIT. There's also Jamendo, a French website available in English, for independent artist willing to release their music, it's free and free. You can also donate music to the artists.