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I went to modern-jive today. It was the first time I was bored there. It's really wierd how sometimes I just feel utterly bored. I guess I felt really bored most of the day. Maybe I'm just tired of how things are knowing I will leave.


III Jornadas en Tecnologia del Habla

There will be a conference on Speech Technology in November in Valencia, Spain. III Jornadas en TecnologĂ­a del Habla Valencia, November 17, 18 and 19.


that's it

I think it finally hit me...

I'm leaving Montreal, and I don't know if I'll be back again. I hate to go. I'm leaving what I really like, my friends, the place, my neighbourhood, the city, its multiculturalism, its joie de vivre, the way people are and the way I fit there.

I should try to see things on the bright side. I will have a greate experience and I can always come back.

If only...


spooky photoshoped pics

I stumbled upon this victoria's secret revealed a couple of days ago. It's quite scary why they would want to photoshop such a picture, and even more so why they would miss such a thing.

Another example of a retouched pics, and a good one with a gallery of other examples.


Map of Montreal

I found this sweep java applet with a huge detailed map of the city of Montreal. That one is a keeper!

It has really good quality vectorial graphics, therefor good zoom-in and zoom-out. Many things can be displayed; Police district, electoral districts, landmarks, etc. You can even set labels over the map and draw paths with calculated distances.

I now know I live exactly 3km away from work.


car sharing instead of owning a car?

After looking for car options for next year, I found this list of car sharing sites in the world. Really useful stuff. Unfortunately, it's missing Montreal's own car sharing site.

The one for the Netherlands is Green Wheels

Nautilus in Gnome2.6

I'm having some issues with the new spatial nautilus in Gnome2.6

I can't get over the multiple windows popping up whenever I go up or down a tree. Someone gave me these tips: double-middle-click on a directory, Ctrl+click on the same or use the button at the bottom-left corner of the window. The clicks open new windows and close the previous.



The graduation convocation was yesterday. It was on McGill's lower field, for the first time in 35 years. The rain was in an out, but luckily it didn't rain a bit when I was outside of the big tent.

Some of it was broadcasted on the internet, some Windows Media fortmat. A friend of mine was able to watch it, she right here in Montreal. But my brother in Italy wasn't able to watch any of it, go figure. It sucks sometimes.

It was great tho'. Lots of people. Lots of smily people. I almost had a tear or two at the very end, during the Canadian national anthem. I guess I realized I was gonna leave this nice country I've just spend 5 great years. I seriously got used to this place, its people, its culture, its really, really long winter, and its wonderfully amazing summer. It's going to be so hard for me to leave now that I feel I want to make my life here. Oh Canada...



Thanks to I found this cool site that sort of computes you tiredness cycle. Useful know that I'll feel mort alert if I just sleep one or two hours more each day, whithout I'm generally a little sleepy or worse.