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La mondialisation menace la planète Babel, certains disent que ce serait plus mieux si on se comprenait tous, d'autres pensent que ce serait mieux si on gardait chacun la langue de ces parents. Voir aussi : Trois questions à... Bernard Caron

getting ready for Utrecht

I've finished registering for all the courses for the next semester. It's quite easy, as expected. It's funny that some parts of the website available to students from the university are not all translated yet. Apart from that I should go to Utrecht next week. The Stutent services have found an apartment for a bit less than €500, not as cheap as I hoped, but it might be a good deal. I'll have to see for myself. I guess next week will be a good time to see if it's really overpriced or not depending on what's included and what's its standing. The room is in the international guesthouse of the University College, the English undergraduate part of the uni. Sound like I might be surrounded by young and clad international students. A room in the center would have more charm. I pretty much have to weight if I want to buy furniture for 2 years or not, how much transports and commodities cost.



Back in Belgium, once again. For a bit less than a month this time. As usual, I have to go to the bank to change my card, cuz they don't work and/or on top I don't remember the exact PIN... You'd think I'd get it after doing this for 7 years... but no, every time, I end up mixing up my PINs and the cards just do survive a year of lying useless in my tiny wallet.

Apart from that, the weather is also as expected. Barely 15 degrees on sunny days. I'm getting sick already. Damn jet lag.

I should visit a couple of places in Utrecht next week. ...


So I can speak Spanish now!

It seems I can speak Spanish now… at least to some extent. The only thing I really need to do is speak out and not be as quiet as I often am. Spending a month in Colombia really helped, I’m going to have to find ways to keep practicing.