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Ubuntu Linux

I've been testing a new linux distribution to come, Ubuntu Linux, based on debian. It's pretty easy to install, and it has close to everything I would install from debian unstable myself. There's a pretty vibrant community around it.

Starting somewhere

So, I've been wanting to get involved in the GNOME project somehow for a long time... I remember getting the CVS stuff, compiling and trying it on my home computer. That was before 1.0. Why did I ever stop? Anyhow, Bugzilla seems to be a great place to start. I'll try to find little bugs, spend some times to try fixing them, submit a patch and keep going.


back to Montreal

I've been back to Montreal for a little while now. Lots of thing have happened. I'd like to say it all but I can't really. I have some pictures in my mcgill gallery. These are pictures of Utrecht and then pictures of my cousins wedding. Our grandmodther just died last week. I wasn't able to go back just for the funerals.