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Visit Kinshasa (sort of)

If you're reading Kim's blog, you already know Google has some high definition satellite pictures of Kinshasa. The seem to have added them to Google Maps around last week.

Here's a frame from the Wikimapia project with all the locations people have added for the city of Kinshasa.

The thing you might want to notice is the rich neighbourhoods on the West of the city, the downtown area in the North and everything else South and East. You'll also notice Kinshasa doesn't have any highway, it only have large avenue and boulevards. It's a city of about 7 to 8 millions people, according to the last estimations. The commercial Teke villages have gone a long distance since the 17th century.


At 2/4/09 3:11 p.m. , Blogger Ed said...

Thank you for compiling such information. Pity for our town without modern infrastructure (e.g. motorway) but one day it will when we'll have a decent government.


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