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01:02:03, 04/05/06

Counting up to six. This doesn't occur that often. Next time should be in about a thousand years.


At 7/5/06 10:50 p.m. , Blogger Daelomin said...

Actually, no. About 100 years from now. 97 to be precise.

01/02/03 @ 04:05:06

Of course you realize that cutting 2103 in 03 is not much more accurate than 2006 in 06... :p

Does that make us major creepy geeks? I think soooooooooo hehe

Glad to know you're alive (even if not on the MSN and not emailing) and definitely plan a trip down here sometime soon dude!

Give us a call too if you can (I don't have your phone #)!

Hope you're ok


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