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Pular learner's guide

I stumbled upon this Fula learner's guide. 130 pages downloadable for free, with funny illustrations, lessons and exercices. It is also using an orthography with special characters. For a dictionary, there is the French-Pulaar lexicon, unfortunately it's not using the same orthography :(. Fula/Fulfude/Pulaar o Peul is a whole range of languages, it's a language continuum from Senegal to Cameroon really, a bit like German would be with high German, Low German, Swiss German, Saxon, (Dutch according to some), etc. Fula can also be written in N’ko, which will be in the upcoming version of Unicode (the standard for computer characters). This means Fula speakers will be able to write in N’ko, once fonts and applications catch up with Unicode.

I wasn't able to find any spellchecker or even less so any grammar checker for Fula. This is a language you should know about, it might be useful next time you play trivial pursuit™ ;-) Where are the Fula webpages?


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