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How to translate to French

Funny enough the English verb ‘translate’ can be translated to its cognate translater, at least according to the definitions of the TLFi, the Littré, and of course the French Wiktionary. Of course this usage has grown old and would not be understood by most French speaking people, so expect surprise and even correction when you'll use it.

According to the Littré the verb can be found with that meaning in works by none other than Voltaire. Yet any French speaker who’ll hear you saying translater for ‘translate’ will tell you this is a anglicism. What happened to the language of Voltaire?

BTW, TV5 has a great series of shorts on the French language: Merci Professeur !


At 24/7/06 11:15 a.m. , Blogger pat said...

But even *I* can understand translater!


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