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President or not President?

I'm really starting to wonder why the result of the presidential elections is taking all the attention in the Congo. The International community is asking for the partial results of the elections, but we only hear about the presidential results. What are the results of the legislatives? Why does that seem to be unimportant?

I have the feeling the Congolese media is focusing on the president only, thus increasing the tension on the topic which internation media is relaying.
From what I've read of the constitution the president seems quite powerful but the parlement, both national assembly and senate, has a major influence.
On top of that the provincial assemblies have their say too (they already pick the senators).

Is it just me or do people think the president will do everything?

After all isn't the president choosing the Prime Minister, after consulting the parliament. Isn't he the one selecting the Ministers of the Government. Can't he declare war on his own will.

The Prime Minister and the governement pretty much do everything under the President. The President makes ordonances and the PM makes decrees, while Ministers just do as they're told.

In the mean time the parlement checks all the actions of the government (with questoins, debates or commissions). The National Assembly also has the power to put down a governement or to deny its installation. This means that if the NA doesn't like the President's ministers, he'll have to come up with another one. So this far, the result of the legisltatives could be decisive too. But they are less important to a certain degree.


At 29/8/06 4:46 a.m. , Blogger Jonathan said...

The CEI has posted 175 legislative seats thus far, mostly from the east. PPRD 47, MLC 21, Forces de Renouveau 11, MSR 9, CDC 5, DEF-COFEDE 5, together with 27 other parties and 28 independents. It's looking like a seller's market.


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