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Are you tone deaf or musically skilled?

Jake Mandell made a website where you can test your musical skills in only a few minutes. According to him, this test works and ‘is purposefully made very hard, so excellent musicians rarely score above 80% correct’. I happened to score 91.7% on my first try. The current version doesn't allow to go back and check your answers, but the next version should allow it. I guess this test not only give an idea of someone’s tone deafness level but also short term music memory.

The test make you listen to two similar or identical musical samples and you have to decide whether what you heard was the same or different. There's 36 pairs of samples in total, most are short enough to be easy to be to remember heard once (although this might be hard for some people).

Maybe some similar test could be made for language, there would be so many things to use, intonation, rhythm, etc.


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