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Next year's (2)

So... I ended up doing nothing today. I have an excuse, I did drivesafe for McGill students last night. That was real fun, yet very tiring.

I was then wondering if UU had similar services for and by students. I've been wondering how the students have organized themselves... or is it organised? Anyhow, There doesn't seem to be any union or federation of student's associations. I remember seeing a page about how student's interact in the administrative decision, but I'm not sure it was at Utrecht anymore. Whatever! The question still stands! Are student represented by peers? Is there a nationwide/EU-wide student association... ah.... where did I start? Oh, yeah! Drivesafe. So, are there major partying events organized by students societies that could use some "let's drive the students home safely" concept. Is there something like walksafe? Ah... seems I could be busy between studying, capoeira and my life.


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