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Utrecht in English

A friend of mine is thinking about going to Utrecht this month or the next one. It just made me realize how little the number of English useful resources are. There's a youth hostel I remember seeing, Strowis. It's right in the center and quite cheap, luckily the site is in English. There another cheap hostels/B&B, the B&B Utrecht City Center.

For longer term housing there aren't any classified ads websites in English, at least any good ones to my knowledge. In Dutch, I know only, Kamernet and Studentenkamers. I wish there was a site more oriented towards international students. (update) I should also mention the SSHU with its 18 months waiting list and the SJHU that requires you to be there.

The international/exchange student society in Utrecht, ESN-Utrecht can be helpful, with their mentor program. At least the have an English website compared to AEGEE-Utrecht and SIB.

The Utrecht University's Student Services Centrum can be resourceful too, but they pretty much link to what I just mentioned (found in Dutch tho', wasn't very easy to find in English).

I noticed there's no decent English language movie (what's playing and where) website. There isn't any site for activities/places. Maybe I should look into this and create such a site.

There is no English languages student paper, at least to my knowledge. Maybe the single University Paper, UBlad could have an English section (single, at least online and to my knowledge).

Overall, I just think I'm not too happy about the general coverage and services offered to internationals. If they really want to attract international students they should make it easier for them. I will be busy next year I think.


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