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Next year's

I was just reading about my optional courses for next year, well first I had to find somewhere central where to find the info. The Master students CAI website and the CAI Master programme are pretty useful. The second one is pretty much just a copy of the CAI Master's brochure (pdf). Ach... I'm still a bit disappointed by the English coverage of some university sites, but in general things are available in English, which is good for people who are clueless about the Dutch language

Anyhow, the funny thing is: Out of the 5 optional courses I can take. There are only 4 courses available during the last 2 sessions of the year of 4 sessions. So if I take 2 courses a session, well I guess I'll have to take those 4. That leaves me with really one course to choose from... How did that go unnoticed before? Hopefully I'll be able to take more than 2 courses per session in the first two. I can't choose between all those "interesting" topics.


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