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There will be elections in Belgium in June. I still have to figure out how I can vote from abroad, but most importantly I still need to figure out who I will vote for... Parties' websites suck big time.. err.. oh btw, it's regional and European elections.

The parties are CDH, FN, MR (freaggin' resizes the browser window and then full screen? dude, and then I'm supposed to vote for them?, talking about a reform eh), Ecolo, PS, CDF, R.W.F., MAS, FNB, PTB+. pfou, what a list.

ok, so I had a glance over the MR program, it's interesting, they want non-EU foreigners to be able to vote if they ask for it, but they have to have lived in Belgium for at least 5 years... wait a minute 5 years, isn't that like the EU norm for them to be able to become citizens? Too bad they have a bad website... I have a tooth against them, they'll really need to convince me now.

hmm.... the CDH has an extensive list of candidates with their addresses... I should ask questions... Man their candidates are young on average!

oh man... If they weren't xenophobes I'd vote for Neo.
or I could be French and pay Quebec fees... wait it doesn't matter. I'm done!


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